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Friday, June 29, 2007

eNews from Senator Larry Craig

I get email from our State Senator and in today's "enews" letter he spoke of Immigration Reform. Here is the link: Imigration Reform Update

What it says:

"One thing is certain in this hungry world: no regulation or law should be allowed if it results in crops rotting in the fields for lack of harvesters." None other than Ronald Reagan uttered these words.

We can all agree that people must not be allowed to enter the United States illegally, and those who have done so must be held accountable. Our laws must be enforced vigorously. The 1986 immigration law brought us to where we are today because it had no teeth.

Although not perfect, the White House/Senate proposal just debated did have teeth, and it contained elements I will continue to favor in any immigration reform. I continue to believe those here illegally should not get "amnesty,"—there is no free pass for transgressions. They should pay fines, learn English and meet many other stiff requirements to qualify for temporary legal status. To apply for a green card, they should be forced to wait until the current backlog is cleared—no jumping ahead of those who followed the rules. But none of these reforms should commence until certain border and internal security standards are met—security remains our first priority.

One thing we can all agree on in this debate—the status quo does not work. I am working to solve this problem, because I believe that's what the people of Idaho elected me to do—to solve problems instead of ignore them.

I like what he had to say. I wonder if this response was due to all of the emails and phone calls he must be receiving. Hell... even I sent one. Bug Drivel: Letter to Larry Craig, US Senator

An interesting page from his site is called Fact or Fiction. Here he addresses rumors to let us know how true or untrue they are. For instance, he speaks of Illegal Immigrants and Social Security... E-Mail Tax... Contressional Retirements... NAFTA Superhighway... Law of the Sea Treaty... and Security and Prosperity Partnership. These were just the ones added in the last two days. I haven't found an archive as of yet.

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