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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our doomed future from the leadership of Hilary, Al and Jesse

Just thought I would link to David's site on this subject. Hilary is the worse of them all (see my post below this one). They hypocrisy of the Clintons makes me sick. Heaven help us if the blind actually elect her for she and "hers" will be the end of the American way of life. Black, white, yellow, red, purple... it won't matter. No one will be safe from her dictatorship.

LINK: David Drake: Imus, Ho's, And Still... No One Asks Hillary About Her Language

First, the white Americans will become the ultimate in trash and forced resentment. Even people not full of hate for those who are white will some how have memory of a time when they were victim to someone of lighter skin. Even if such memory doesn't exist or is the memory of someone else.

Second, those that are white will be made to pay for the horrors inflicted upon those who are black... even if those horrors are only remembered in the minds of those who are long dead or those who love to make up stories (see Duke). Payment will come in jail time where a person will become lower than dirt and used by those who reside in the jail and hate whites. Rocks will be thrown through windows of homes who have never seen hatred or crime against them. Children will be beaten, raped or killed just because they are white. Horrors will be inflicted upon the lighter skinned in hopes of making them feel sorry for what they may or may not have been a part of... but it won't matter if they are innocent because in the eyes of aggressors, all will be guilty if their skin is white.

Third, the rights of all Americans will become the rights of those whose skin is NOT white. Whites will lose jobs over someone darker then them (already happening) and lose their homes because all their darker-skinned neighbors will be given loans over those with lighter skin which will bring out the hate in the neighbors who will say "whitey doesn't belong here". Even the neighbors who would never say such a thing in the past will suddenly become racist and hate whites if for no other reason than to not be a victim themselves.

Forth, the streets will be filled with gang members (as in some cities it already is the case) who seek out white people in order to beat or kill them into submission of whatever form they wish at the time.

I realize some of these things are happening now and that the order above is not necessarily the order in which things happen or will happen. But I also know that if we continue the way we seem to be going, these things will happen more and more along with things I can't even imagine. It's a horrible prospect and I believe that if the far left get control, we are doomed to live in a country of hate, forced tolerance and guilt for things we are not guilty of doing or thinking.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are some of the biggest hypocritical racists of them all and their agenda to create hate where hate doesn't exist will only send us spiraling into socialism, poverty and ignorance.

It truly doesn't matter what skin a person is wearing... it's what is found underneath that matters. Unfortunately, the stereotyping of so many people in the world is often found to be true by those who hate others. I don't necessarily say we all need to love everyone we meet... but it sure wouldn't hurt if we at least tried to like them before jumping to conclusions.

We have a long way to go... but not in the direction of Jesse, Al or Hilary. They are for hatred, not against it.

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