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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Let Americans feel pride just like the Spartans

I just saw the movie "300" and thought it was great. Why? Probably because we think it's about time someone went to war and actually DID something against those who want to enslave their people, rather than sit around with their thumbs up their asses because they don't want to conduct "war" incorrectly and be accused of being "wrong".

Or... maybe it was because the special affects were great. The connection between the movie/comic book and actual history may have been a bit off (giants, etc), but I thought the movie had a great message. Stand up for your people... fight against slavery at any cost.

Either way, I've already noticed people saying it was a political statement and that Hollywood is declaring war on Iranians. Are you kidding? Hollywood is more often than not the allies for those against America. But that could just be my bitter side talking.

LINKED Article: Movie '300' called an insult to ancient Persia

The above article came out shortly after the first weekend this movie was released... I'm surprised it didn't come out the hour after the first showing. I'm sure there are tons of other articles just like it, but quite frankly all I feel is wouldn't it be nice if the men in our armed forces were given the ability to actually fight a war rather than play traffic cop. We have real men in our country but unfortunately they are being held back by limp wristed politicians who use choke collars on their warriors and give unlimited freedom to the media who wants to destroy our country.

Let Americans be proud again! Let Americans feel compassion freely! Let Americans care without a hot poker at their back!

Forced diversity breeds hate. That's my new tag line.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Forced Tolerance Creates Hate

So... when will it go too far? When will someone explain to me why nations are so afraid of "offending" he "wrong" people? What is so damn special about not offending Muslims? What about offending me? What about offending all the other religious groups or different races or different sexes or blah, blah, blah.

I'm really tired of hearing about how we have to be careful not to offend because everyone is suppose to be "equal" and "special". Really? Equal rights is good... but what if the process of giving everyone equal rights takes away the rights of others? I find the irony overwhelming.

It's hard to feel compassion for others if "feeling compassion" is shoved down our throats until we are forced into submitting to it. Compassion is not a forced emotion... it's a natural occurrence and if it is allowed to grow without threats or fear, it will be the greatest emotion a person can have. I have compassion for many people in many circumstances... but I am losing any compassion for others when I am told I MUST feel it and demonstrate it. As a matter of fact, all this "you must be tolerant and compassionate and lose your pride in who you are" is making me angry. All forced multiculturalism and diversity does is create a society of hate. Isn't that what we're trying to avoid?

Here's an article I found "interesting"...
LINK: Ban Thwarts 'Year of the Pig' Ads in China

China's preparing for the year of the Pig, an especially auspicious year which begins on Feb. 18. But the run-up has been anything but lucky for pork fans. Pigs have been banned from appearing in any ads on the state-run broadcaster, CCTV, after an order that is now surrounded by confusion.

The order means that ads for consumer treats such as sausage snacks have been yanked from airing. A brand manager for Tenlow snacks says ads for his company's pork snacks deliver positive messages.

"Both adults and children believe pigs are a lucky symbol, which bring fortune and wealth," Tenlow's Wu Ying said. "Their plumpness means prosperity."

This cartoon pig used in Tenlow's ads would hardly seem subversive. But CCTV has ordered major advertising agencies not to use pig images, cartoons or slogans "to avoid conflicts with ethnic minorities." That's a reference to China's 20 million Muslims, about 2 percent of the country's population.

At a popular mosque in Shanghai, there's general approval of the ban. Given the Muslim taboo on pigs, these believers say that seeing pig images on TV would make them feel very uncomfortable.

And at the bottom of the article...

From the outside, China's government might appear monolithic. But the saga of the pig ban shows how it's struggling with multiculturalism, riddled with insecurity and beholden to commercial pressures, as perhaps never before.

There's that word again... multiculturalism. If you move to a country where your traditions don't fit in, you either need to NOT move there or adjust to the traditions of your NEW country. You can still have your own traditions in your home but you don't have to force them down my throat or change my traditions to match yours. The same would be true if I moved to another country... it wouldn't be my right to change everyone around me to conform to how I want to live.

Another... here's one that's just absurd...
LINK: Three Little Pigs Almost Banned

THE Three Little Pigs WILL star in a Huddersfield show.

Organisers of a children's concert have given the go-ahead for the three little pigs to appear after they were banned because of fears they might offend Muslims.

Honley C of E Junior School pupils were to perform the Roald Dahl story of Little Red Riding Hood and the pigs - but were told to substitute puppies.

Now a senior Kirklees councillor has insisted that the little pigs should be reinstated in the show.
No complaints had been made about the pigs appearing in the Kirklees Primary Music Festival event.

But festival organisers said the pigs should be replaced by the puppies because many Muslim children would be appearing in the Huddersfield Town Hall show, featuring more than 60 schools.

The committee organising the concert decided that Muslim children may not want to sing about pigs.

Now Clr Dodds says the decision has been overturned.

He added: "There is something barmy going on here and it has happened on my watch.

"I can tell you now that the three little pigs will be back in the school musical festival.

"The decision to ban the pigs was made by well-meaning people - but it was the wrong decision.

"Let's stick with the traditions," he added.

The festival is due to take place in June.

At least someone, somewhere said "Wait a minute! This is getting out of hand!"

Friday, March 2, 2007


Was life really more simple "back then" or is the here and now always so dramatic. Nothing in particular... just making observations of others and myself.

I work with someone who complains about everything looking for sympathy... yet when others make complaints of their own, she has little sympathy to spare. The problem with this is that she's a "lead" and we have to go to her in order to make requests (sick leave, vacation, doctor appointments, etc). She says it's "okay" to be gone but I know she doesn't really mean it because I've heard first hand how she bitches when someone is gone "one too many times" or "at the wrong time".

Hypocrisy... it's never pretty.

Note... sympathy is often over rated as well... but it's my opinion that if you're looking for it you must first be able to give it.

Perhaps next week I should say...


May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~