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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas VS Santamas

Read this link: Nice of her to spill the beans

When will society separate the two holidays; Christmas VS. Santamas?

Please read the linked article... telling a child Santa is dead is just mean AND not the place of someone outside that child's family. I do agree that even if this teacher did state that Santa Claus is BASED upon a man who is dead... all the kids heard was that Santa is dead.

My 14 year old son told me the same thing I thought when I was his age. He tells me he will not encourage his future kids to believe in Santa Claus because he doesn't want to lie and thus possibly hurt a strong relationship he could have with them. I felt the same way... how dare my mother lie to me about a man who comes into my house and leaves presents and yet strangers are bad.

What happened?

Well... I grew up and had a son and couldn't possibly NOT let him believe in Santa because of...

1: my family who kept asking him what he wanted Santa to bring
2: the TV
3: the kids at school and
4: every other form of media or personal relations that made it impossible for me to NOT have Santa in my life.

The fact is... society forced me to lie to my son. Okay... so no one forced me, it's true. But the point is I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't. In one hand I'm a liar... in the other... well... I'm a liar.

Personally... I believe the time will come when we must separate Christmas from Santamas and have two distinct celebrations. One (Santamas) as it is now... the other (Christmas) as it should be; celebrating Christ.

One might think with these comments that I'm religious; I am not. I have my doubts and am waiting for a sign (a neon glow the size of five suns). The fact is however, Christmas is about the birth of Christ (even if it happened in the spring) and Christmas (Santamas) is about partying, playing and being with family in order to make our-self feel better while giving gifts.

I do know that the act of giving gifts is to replicate the wise men giving gifts to the Christ child... that isn't what it means in the everyday society circles. It means spending hundreds of dollars on things half of the recipients don't want. It's discouraging.

... that being said... I enjoyed buying things for my family and watching them open their gifts. Why? Because they appreciated what they received and did not complain about what they didn't get. It's all about teaching values, respect and consideration.

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