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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Down and dirty with my muse

My "fiction writing" muse went on vacation about a year ago (give or take) and she hasn't returned. Every now and then she pokes her head in my door to see if I'm still residing on planet Earth. It's frustrating that she's gone on vacation and even more frustrating that I can't seem to coax her into returning.

I have several writing projects on my table, many of which have been on hold over the course of this same "museless" year. They are all fictional pieces, not urgent enough for me to panic over just because I'm not writing in them.

This may indeed be the problem.

When a piece of writing is not important enough to the writer, it usually doesn't get finished. It sits patiently in the computer hard drive waiting for someone (specifically the author) to open the file and start adding words to it. These stories are either not strong enough to make themselves heard or the author is not driven enough to make them work.

Some stories are so strong, they scream at the author day and night. They can not be ignored even when it is wished; they live independently and only need the author for the purpose of placing the words on paper. Some stories are not necessarily strong but the author is a true writer through and through and will not give up until physically incapable of writing.

My situation is a mixture of some of these elements. I have a story that lives and breathes on its own inside my mind... but I have snuffed it out for the time being. Other life events have taken over: healing from the death of a family member, splitting up with my fiance, moving to a new state, searching desperately for a new job, placing my son into school, hoping I can make it in a completely different area, leaving my family as I go on my journey and dealing with the disappointments of not writing when I should have been (which in turn makes me not write even more).

I have not come to the point in my writing career (and I do call it a career since I have been at it for some time now) where writing is like breathing. I can continue without writing stories... it is not part of my blood yet.

I hear other writers claim they can't help but write, that they are incomplete without writing something, anything, every day of their life. They claim that the story screams in their head and they are drawn there no matter how hard they struggle. It is life to them.

It is not life to me... not yet. I know it's there. I can feel the call in the far reaches of my mind... I hear the plots of my stories tickling at my brain. They remember when I was excited to write about them; they remember my passion.

Waiting daily for that passion's return may be a lost cause - at least, if I continue the way I am now. Writing daily with that passion is what needs to happen. Until then, I shall continue to write non-fiction awaiting the moment when I can find... no... MAKE the time to write those wonderful science fiction novels, fantasy novels and adventure novels that sit quietly... waiting for me.

In the mean time... I pick up my book called The Pocket Muse and try to jump start my own muse into sparking something of interest in my writing brain.

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