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Friday, August 26, 2005

To freelance or not to freelance

So many writing ideas pop into my mind these days, but the most prevalent is freelance writing. I have spent many hours writing fiction, especially sic-fi and fantasy and have stories floating around aimlessly in my head. I wish to share them with others, but my mind turns more and more towards money-making writing.

Yes, I know Stephen King makes lots of money writing fictional stories... and yes... I do realize I need to think positive about my own abilities and work towards being as well known and well liked as Mr. King or the many other famous authors that sit on the shelves at the local book store.

Admittedly however, I am also a realist. I understand that not everyone can gain such fame and although I wish to remain positive in my thinking, I also must come to the conclusion that if I am to make money NOW... I must write something NOW... that others will pay me for NOW. That is not necessarily going to be my fantasy novel which sits respectfully in my hard drive.

I read The Secrets of a Freelance Writer and found it very helpful. The author wrote the book in such a way that I can actually comprehend him. This is a great help... Believe me!! Have you ever tried to read a book where you're pretty sure the author was talking to himself while standing on his head and eating peanut butter and Ritz Crackers? That's just not right!

Today I went to a local book store and bought The Wealthy Writer. "The choice to begin a freelance writing career was the easy part - now how to be successful is the challenge". I'm thinking this book will be another healthy addition to my shelves. :)

If you're at all interested in this book, I do suggest you think about purchasing it from Amazon (use the link below) because I paid $18.99 at the store and it's a bit less with Amazon.

So... Anyone think these books are speaking the truth? They each say I can earn a six figure income through freelance writing. Could it be true? Could I actually become the next financially independant writer? Hmm...

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