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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Silence of the Evening

For years, I have tried to determine the best writing environment for me. For years, I have failed at that determination.

Many writers need music to inspire their imaginations and cause their fingers to create stories on paper. Others seem content to listen to the wind hitting the side of the house. So far I have noticed that sounds help on rare occasions and distract during most.

If the television is on I may as well forget that writing was ever a craft. It takes me away from my pleasure in words or my chore, depending upon how I feel that day. It takes me to the “lazy-zone” of my life. When I watch TV, I’m usually trying to escape the stressful events of the day or diminish my sense of purposelessness (is that really a word).

Certain music will also take me away from writing, but then again, ask me on another day and I may admit that it helps. I often associate one of my characters with a song or even a musician. If I want action and adventure or if I want my character to feel the stress of an upcoming encounter, I may listen to Godsmack or Alice in Chains. If I want my character to reflect upon his life and feel the real emotions of happiness or sadness, I may listen to Pavarotti or Enya.

Luciano Pavarotti : Official Web Site

Other sounds that often affect my writing are rain on the roof, wind at the windows, my son sorting things in his room, the cat clawing to get out, trucks driving past, breaks squealing, airplanes, neighbors listening to punk rock, my heart pounding in my ears; the list continues.

How do these things affect me? I wish I had a set of rules to answer that question or at least the ability to control how it affects me day after day. However, alas, I do not. Mostly, if I hear rain on my roof, I end up lying on the bed or sitting at the window relaxing to it’s pattering at my brain. If the wind hits the house, I think of all the invasions into my life, my privacy and my existence. In other words, I get distracted way too easily.

Why do I bring this up tonight? Quite frankly it’s because I have stuffed Kleenex into my ears to stop the sound of my neighbor’s obnoxious music invading my thoughts, to drowned out CSI that my son is watching and to get rid of the headache that has invaded me so well that even Aleve has no affect. My next choice is Tylenol PM… but just how many nights in a row should a person venture down that highway?

Many things affect the written word and it is my endeavor to look into many of them. If I can control my surroundings, I can write anything. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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