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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hung by the written word

Oh yes... people can hang themselves on a regular basis when it comes to the written word.

Have you ever written a letter to someone with no intent of mailing it and yet somehow it ends up inside an addressed and stamped envelope... mysteriously making its way into the evil blue box at the post office? Well... that hasn't really happened to me either, but I have written things and sent them forward only to find days later that I should have thought about my words just a few hours longer.

A friend of mine is in the middle of a custody battle and has come across some hand-written letters that have recently been written and sent via "snail" mail to a family member. The letters are coming from a step-child who is not a part of the custody battle but does feel compelled to express feelings and share information that does not do the other parent justice or help that side of the case. Are these letters admissible in court or have any real baring to the case? Only time will tell.

My reason for bringing this up is to discuss how the written word can help or hurt a person's career or personal life. Be careful what you write... double check to make sure you want to place that postage stamp on the envelope or push SEND in your email.

OH YES... I have indeed sent an email UNINTENTIONALLY.

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