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Friday, May 9, 2003

Should we lock down America - Old Blog Post

Would it be a good idea to just refuse to let anyone else come to live here?

I think it would be a very bad idea to just close our doors to every person who wants to either visit or move here. If we did close our doors, would we then allow people to visit our wonderful country? Would we have someone follow them around like a spy making sure they actually leave and go back to their country when their done visiting?

And would anyone really want to visit us anymore knowing that they can't stay... knowing that we are evil and unjust. Some would say that making English the only language of America is a good idea. I feel they are a little off to some degree. I do feel that anyone moving here has an obligation to learn the language of the country they live in. But I also feel it is important for the American people to learn languages from other countries because we are not the god of countries. We are America and that means alot in my view - but we are not God.

Allowing others to move to America is a wonderful thing - but I have mixed feelings on the subject because I don't want to become a minority in my own country. Not necessarily because of my race, but because it seems that there are many people walking around enjoying the benefits of this country but they are not citizens of it. I truly feel that if you are to benefit from the many, many wonderful aspects of America - you should become a citizen of America. Not over night, of course; each person has to have time to decide if they truly like living in America. But there needs to be some type of time limit envolved.

Perhaps there could be some sort of law or requirement that says a person can visit America for a certain period of time in which they must decided if they are to be a citizen or to move back to their original country.

I have a feeling that as I am typing this, that there may actually be a requirement like this because I have come across people who have had to move back home because their visa ran out. I have no idea what that means, nor will I pretend to have knowledge of what is involved with visas. I don't know if they are governed by the country you originate from or the country you are visiting.

I feel that people should be allowed to visit America for a period of time (perhaps living here for two years) to determine if this is the place they want to spend the rest of their life. And then upon that period of time ending, they can request for an extention of up to one more year. Then upon that year ending, they must decide what they want to do. If they decide not to become a citizen and they move back to their country, they then have the opportunity within another year to change their mind and move back permanately as a citizen of America. If they do not decide to move here within that year, then they must wait another five years before they can begin the process all over again. They can still be able to visit America during that five year waiting period, but only for weeks at a time and perhaps only twice a year (?).

In this way, we are not denying anyone a citizenship without giving them ample opportunity to decide what they want. Moving to another country is a huge decision that should be thought out. I know I wouldn't just decide over night to move to Australia - however, it is a place I would consider if I were to leave America (which will, more than likely, never happen). Visiting Australia would be great - maybe a month or two. I'm sure they must have some sort of time period in which a person can visit without being a citizen. :o)

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