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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Derogatory words and their hidden meanings - Old Blog Post

I absolutely, positively hate people who use derogatory words to put people down OR who use them to describe themselves in an attempt to look like they “belong” to some group that they don’t belong to.

Recently there was someone who said they were a white “spear-chucker”. What the hell is that suppose to mean anyway?

Yes, I know that is a derogatory phrase to describe a black person. It’s wrong… it’s demeaning and it’s unnecessary. Why anyone would want to call another person that is beyond me.

But… knowing that it is a derogatory phrase for a black person, why would a white man call himself that? Was he attempting to seem cool to another white person or was he actually trying to fit in with a black person. If he was trying to fit in… how in the world would calling himself that actually make him fit in?

I can take a joke… but he was being funny in a serious way. Like he was putting himself down but had a hidden meaning behind it. I’m just really irritated by this.

My ex-boyfriend use to say the word Niger (or the N word as people like to call it). I told him that under no circumstance was he ever to use that word around my son!! There was a time when he said it with my son in the other room. I got really mad at him. He claimed my son was not in ear shot… oh, yes he was… luckily he didn’t hear him.

I should have been more forceful and told him not to say it around ME, in that way my son would never have been around it. He never heard it the whole time we were together… thank god for that.

One of my biggest pet peeves is any parent who forces their prejudices onto their kids.

This may sound strange, but I feel that being prejudice is an “earned” thing. No one can deny that it exists, but we also can’t deny that there is a reason for it. Whether a person hates another person because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, where they live, how they talk… it doesn’t matter. There is a reason they feel that way. The reason may be unjustified, as in they just hate because it’s a cool thing to do. Or the reason may actually be justified, as in they were hurt at one point in their lives.

Either way… any parent who makes their kids hate another person based on their own prejudices is unworthy of having kids in the first place!!

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