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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

They aren't all True Protestors - Old Blog Post

I have the news on right now and listen intensively and yet don't really want to. I particularly felt that the following entry was worth mentioning here.

My mind if filled with many thoughts about what is happening here in America and across the world. They just said on the news that Bush is relying on his advisers quite a bit right now. I can understand that... but I just don't know how anyone can make a decision like this. I never wish the presidency upon any of my family or friends.

With that said, I think it's important for the American people to support our military with praise and hope for their safe return. Anyone who protests in such a way to hurt those individuals who are being sent to do what they are instructed to do, is not an American in my book. Does being an American mean anything to anyone any more? I grew up believing that this is the best damn country in the world. Of course, I suppose people from other countries feel the same about where they live.

Some protestors are "true" protestors. In other words, they are protesting because they are in hopes that what they are doing will make a difference. But there are some protestors I've seen on TV who are obviously just trying to get a little attention. They're smiling as they're being arrested... actually in hopes that they are arrested. Do they hope to tell their grandkids one day that they stood up against their own country and, in that way, are not to blame for any war that may happen. "I was against it... look... here's proof".

I just feel angry sometimes. It burns in my mind and there really is nothing I can do about it. I don't feel compelled to force my opinions on any other person... not even my son. When he asks questions, we look it up. When he's scared, I wrap my arms around him. The only way that I force my opinions on him is in the form of telling him what he shouldn't do (ie. drugs, smoking, drinking, sex, etc.). I sound like a stick in the mud... but even at 11 years old these are all issues that must be addressed.

I do feel indifferent at times when it comes to what's happening with America, Iraq, Bin Laden, etc. I feel helpless and in order to get rid of that feeling, I'm in hopes that someone else will take care of it. Right or wrong... I want our leaders to take care of it. I can't possibly do it and sometimes want to just hid myself in a hole.

It is now 4:25pm.

Time just moves forward with no regard for what is happening around it.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Where's Eisenhower when you need him? - Old Blog Post

My political opinion... I know you've been waiting for my opinion... well...

Opinions are like assholes... everybody's got one. And so do I.

I wish I were more educated when it comes to current affairs in our world. But on the other hand I sometimes feel like my brain is already so totally full of crap to begin with that I can't possibly handle all the other crap that the media wants to add.

I think that's partly why I avoid news stories. I know I shouldn't do that because how else am I going to know when something important is happening... I just wish they would say something nice for a change.

Well, I guess they did yesterday when they announced that they found Elizabeth Smart. Of course now the media's job is to figure out why the girl didn't try to escape and in so doing, will probably make her look bad. I just hate people sometimes.

But I truly feel that everyone has an opinion about everything. Whether they know what the hell they're talking about or not. I've seen opinions flying all over the place about Bush and Iraq and the whole terrorist scare.

Do I have an opinion. Well... of course I do! Good god... didn't you just hear me say that everyone has one. Geesh.

Apparently there are tons of people that think going to war with Iraq is President Bush's fault and that if we go to war it will all sit upon his shoulders as the man who started the whole damn thing.

Now that really makes sense.

If we do in fact go to war, I will be supportive of every man and woman in our military and I will never say a negative word about our country or our leader for fear that if I do, I may in some way be the cause of those men and women, who make this country free... to fall. How can anyone in the military do what needs to be done (whether I believe it to be the right thing or not) if their own country does not support them?

Wars are never pretty and sometimes they are unnecessary... and sometimes they are very necessary. Am I some great political analyst? Do I have some knowledge greater than others? Am I somehow able to know the future and know that all will be well in the world?

No... but I do believe that supporting our country is very important. This is the greatest country in the world. That's why so many people move here... that's why so many of us stay.

Forcing our own beliefs on others is wrong, but keeping the world safe is most definitely right. There isn't enough money in the universe to make me take over for Bush. And apparently everyone thinks that if a different man sat in the white house we would be in a different situation. I don't think so. If you think he's the only one making these decisions for our country, you're really not aware of how this country works.

How many of us would take the place of those faced with sending people... not only to kill others, but to possibly be killed themselves?

Leaders... true leaders are far and few in between. Is Bush one of those "true" leaders... probably not. But sometimes leading is what eventually makes a great leader.

Perhaps he will end up being one of those men in history that we all look back at... and just sit around laughing our asses off. But perhaps he will be more than we ever expected.

Unfortunately, only time will tell and perhaps the lives of some of our fellow Americans.

You know... we've had 43 presidents so far and I'm wondering how many of them were actually good men... and I'm wondering what those "good men" would do if they were president today.

Where's Eisenhower when you need him?

Portion of his biography...
Before he left office in January 1961, for his farm in Gettysburg, he urged the necessity of maintaining an adequate military strength, but cautioned that vast, long-continued military expenditures could breed potential dangers to our way of life. He concluded with a prayer for peace "in the goodness of time."
May we each take the moment necessary out of this day and any day we feel the need to remember those who have gone before us in defense of our freedoms. Without them... we would not be "here"... we would be in chains. ~Bug~